Quick turnaround time. Very informative.
I received a great website that will represent my services.

Venus Ricks, Pho Vital Signs

I was very happy with the service. CodeHelp took the time out to explain everything. They went beyond the call of duty and will refer them anytime. Your service was high quality and better than most that I experienced.

Troy Carr, The Home Repair Center

Codehelp offers a very professional and personal service. I know they are in business to make a profit, but they never make you feel like its about money. The website they built for my company was above what I expected. Their prices are very reasonable.  Demetrius is humble, but very knowledgeable in the web design industry.

Matt Hall, Tires To You

CodeHelp did a great job on my website. I was excited when I seen my website. I will use them again

Ryan Jackson Global Financial Group LLC

CodeHelp was a timely find that turned out to be valuable to my business. They handled all projects in a timely manner and exhibited the flexibility required in our ever changing business. The quality of work consistently meets expectations and more often exceeds them.

CodeHelp was there for me after I establish my company. They were right on time and very professional. Highly recommended.

Demetrius from CodeHelp has been helpful and been there with me since the first time I MET you. You have guided me and I didn’t know anything. Most people would use that to there advantage but you didn’t. You have just been helping advising and no matter how rude and insulting I’ve sounded you have always remained grounded calm and understanding of my trust issue. When I MET you I have had horrible experiences and I shared that with you and even now you are trying and aim to gain my trust. You don’t find many like you anymore. I appreciate it and I have asked you to bear with me and you truly have beyond measures. In all honesty you surprise me to the point I’m scared because I haven’t seen anyone so honest and open like you. I thank you for all your help and services and my monthly hosting I will happily pay it and I want my business to grow with you nobody else. You rock Demetrius and you got my vote and you and the Nimo Company will go places, that I know. Your a great man even my mother said it. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and my website is awesome you did that man. Thank you for everything and you’re still not of the hook yet we have a long way to go with NIMO. Wish you all the best and I know you will make it no questions asked. I love your enthusiasm btw it’s definitely hardcore.