Instagram Marketing Quick Tips You Need To Know

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Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms to be used all over the world. With daily 3.5 billion photos being liked each day, it is one of the fastest ways to promote business. When used the right way it can guarantee you success. With Instagram marketing businesses can create brand awareness and introducing new products is easy. It is estimated that 70% of Instagram users are utilizing the platform to look up brands. With this social media platform, businesses get a more human and friendly way to promote their products.

Some quick tips to guarantee you success with your Instagram marketing are given below.

1.Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Instagram offers many free tools when a business account is setup. Take an example of Instagram Insights, which extracts simple statistics for evaluating Instagram marketing efforts.  You can find out about your followers, like when they log into Instagram and what posts they like most by using these free tools. This information proves to be pivotal when you are doing a marketing campaign for your product on Instagram.

2. Use Other Social Media Platforms For Promotion

Make use of the cross-platform marketing by posting about your brand on social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Tools like HootSuite can be used to share the same content on different social media channels. This can also be used to get more followers on Instagram as people from other social media channels will get to know about your presence on Instagram.

3. Engage With Followers

If you are using the above two tips right, and people are following you on Instagram, it is likely that they will comment on your brand’s posts, here it is essential to make dialogue and engage with followers. So when someone comments on your post, you should take time to reply them back. This shows that you are interested in building a community, and how valued your followers are for you. You can also increase engagement by having posts where follower is required to tag friends. This way you content will be visible to a larger audience.

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