Amazing facts about Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users who log in each day several times. With so many users, it is said to be the best social media marketing place because Social media is an incredible way to not only give your business exposure and gain traffic but also to create customers that are loyal and bring in more leads and sales. Here are some amazing facts about Facebook Advertising.

Biggest Outreach

Well, with over 1 billion users logged in, Facebook advertising offers a massive outreach.  Facebook uses big data which by analyzing our likes and topic data, Facebook shows the right ad to the right customer. Among 1 billion people the person who needs your product will be seeing the advertisement of your product based on the big data.

Facebook Ads

Organic outreach is a thing of the past now, for your prospective customers to actually see you see your advertisement you need Facebook ads. And the good thing is it doesn’t cost much a $50 advertisement will cater to up to 10,000 people, the best part, you get to choose who these 10,000 people are.

Use of Influencers

In social media marketing, the use influencers is an important one. You can amplify the reach of your Facebook Ad by having influencers share your advertisement. By doing so you are creating a ripple effect, and your Facebook ad reaches more and more audience, and this makes it an amazing fact about Facebook Advertising.

Customizable Advertisement

The great thing with using Facebook for Advertising is that it offers its users a great customizable ad campaign. The users can add video, articles, ad placements and so much more to make their campaign attractive. Users have the option customize each and every aspect of their advertisement. Further Facebook, lets user choose objective, target and delivery optimization making it an easy and effective advertising platform.


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