4 reasons to be addicted to mobile apps

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Today, no matter where a person is, no matter it is the office, home, restaurant or even the bathroom, one thing that has become common is that people are looking at their cell phones. This is the age of mobile apps, and people are hooked to them. No matter the app is a game, a social media one, or an email service; people are completely addicted to mobile apps. Here are 4 reasons to be addicted to mobile apps have us so hooked on to them, and why we cannot live without them anymore.

  1. The world in your palm

One of the 4 reasons to be addicted to mobile apps is the ease of use they offer. With the advent of smartphones, this phrase became true, but it wasn’t until the rise of mobile apps that this phrase truly got its meanings right. Think back to ten years, would have you imagined getting a taxi with just click away? The major success of mobile apps comes from the fact that they have made life easiest as it can be for us. Take the example of getting an Uber. Just few clicks and it is at your doorstep. Ordering food was never easier; you don’t have to even make a call. You have the menu at your disposal, just few clicks and you have placed the order.

  1. Getting Notified

The notification feature is one thing that makes us use apps more and more. Every app has notification and user doesn’t need to check the app repeatedly for updates, the app notifies you in the event of an update. Facebook, Snapchat, and almost all apps have the notification feature available which is of great use to people who are on the go.

  1. Interactive Use

The use of mobile app is an interactive one. When mobile features such as camera, accelerometer, and zoom in zoom out are incorporated in app, the user becomes addicted to it because of the ease of use it has to offer. You can zoom in zoom out a picture or text in an app, add your pictures and use the camera in apps like Snapchat, and play an addictive game like Candy Crush. What gets you hooked on these apps is the interactivity with which they engage the user. The UI/UX design is created in a way to not only attract more users but also to retain them. Remember the key factor that makes users addicted to an app is one part UI/UX design and one part psychology.

  1. Faster than websites

Another thing which mobile app users love about apps that they offer faster response as compared to websites. Apps store data locally on mobile phone and hence are faster than websites in use. So whether you are using Hotmail, Gmail or Pinterest, you might note that it works faster than web browser versions and that is why more people choose to use their app versions.

According to tech crunch, today’s consumers are spending over 85 percent of their time on their smartphones using native applications, but the majority of their time is spent using just five downloaded nonnative apps.

Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps, But Only 5 Apps See Heavy Use



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