4 Facts About Internet Marketing You Should Know

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

Today, the internet has become a necessity to live. From interacting with family and friends to signing big business deals, everything uses internet. It is overwhelming how a technology that started off just 20 years ago is now an essential part of people’s lives. Business organizations now understand the importance of internet. This technology not only gives these organizations the opportunity to reach their existing customers but also aides in attracting new potential customers.  That is the reason why companies are focusing more and more internet marketing.

Social Media is Essential

Nearly 1.7 billion actively use social media, hence making it the most successful internet marketing platform. This is a great way for small to medium-sized businesses to attract potential customers.  There are many social media platforms, and in order to attract customers, companies need to have online presence on more than one platform.

SEO and SEM Do Matter

Even with the rise of social media marketing, the majority of traffic still reaches to website via search engines making SEO and SEM an essential part of Internet Marketing. Still, SEO is used to improve the rankings and visibility of a web page in search engines search results making it more available to customers.

Email Marketing Is Still Here

This is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing but is still effective. To send monthly or weekly newsletters, promotion updates, etc., email is used by businesses.  In order to effectively do marketing through Email, companies need to have email addresses of customers. A good way is to have a customer survey at checkout, a subscription box or even a VIP mailing list.

Product Reviews

In any business, recommendations matter a lot. It is a fact that reviews given for products cause an increase in conversion rate and hence is one of the most trustworthy forms of internet marketing.

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